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Use 'The Code' to translate the paintings, if desired.

Binary Oppositions

Artist Note

Artist Note:

The binary system works perfectly for computers, but when it comes to human interactions and decision-making, it not only leaves out the middle ground, it also leaves out the ‘ground’ we haven’t considered yet.

How can we navigate our way out of this “black and white” world and find more color? Only by exploring and exposing the perils of binary thinking can we protect against its destabilizing effects on society and open ourselves up to a more creative and enlightened mindset.

Yin and Yang 72 dpi.jpg

Yin and Yang

Freedom and Bondage in Huelitic Code

Freedom and Bondage
(In Private Collection)

 Tolerance and Ignorance in Huelitic Code

Tolerance and Ignorance
(In Private Collection)

Democracy & Autocracy in Huelitic Code

Democracy and Autocracy
(In Private Collection)

Real and Fake in Huelitic Code

Real and Fake

Harmony and Discord in Huelitic Code

Harmony and Discord

Birth and Death 72 dpi web.jpg

Birth and Death

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