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Love and Hate

Artist Note


In the "Love and Hate" series, not only have I destroyed the form of these emotionally charged words but also divided them with an impenetrable barrier; a barrier that is pushed over the edges to reflect the impossibility of love and hate ever being on opposite ends of the same spectrum – regardless of positioning.

Why do we even suppose there is an opposite of hate or an opposite of love? By putting them on the same continuum, we lose the possibility of ever revealing the purest essence of 'love' or eradicating 'hate.' They should never be dependent. Each must stand wholly alone.

Love and Hate #1 - Huelitic Code.jpg

Love and Hate #1

Love and Hate #2 cropped copy.jpg

Love and Hate #2

Love and Hate #3.jpg

Love and Hate #3

Love and Hate #4 - Huelitic Code1.jpg

Love and Hate #4 (In private collection)

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